What is Naturopathic Medicine…and what can I expect from my treatments?

Naturopathic Medicine is a newly re-acknowledged but timeless form of healthcare. Naturopathic philosophy is based on the following main ideas.

  • Every person is unique and should therefore be treated as such.
  • The body has an innate ability to heal itself.
  • There is a healing power in nature that can be utilized to support human vitality.

Based on this, one can understand how Naturopathic Medicine is practiced and how disease and symptoms are perceived in the patient.

Registered Naturopathic Doctors (NDs or RNDs) attend an accredited 4-year post-graduate, clinically based naturopathic medicine program, and then successfully pass two sets of National Licensing Board Examinations. Naturopathic medical education includes basic science and biomedical classes, along with pharmacology, with additional in-depth training in prevention and naturopathic treatment modalities. The state in which each RND sees patients determines their scope of practice.

Many patients use naturopathic medicine as their primary form of healthcare, while others choose to use it as a complementary therapy to conventional medical practices. Regardless of what role naturopathic medicine plays in a patient’s life, RNDs see each person as unique and will work diligently in a partnership with the patient to bring about the body’s own innate healing abilities.

Naturopathic Doctors facilitate the healing process by working with each patient to determine the root cause of their symptoms and then support the body in overcoming that stressor through various treatment methods. These may include nutrition and lifestyle management, herbal medicine, homeopathy, supplementation, physical medicine, pharmaceuticals, or referral for more specialized treatment. The therapy chosen for each patient is dependent upon the least force deemed necessary to stimulate a change in the body’s own vital energy. Naturopathic Doctors also following six guiding principles, which include:

  1. First, do no harm
  2. There is a healing power in nature and the things that come from nature
  3. Treat the cause
  4. Treat the whole person
  5. Focus on prevention
  6. The doctor is also a teacher and has a responsibility to educate and inform

To fully understand the depth of each patient’s case, the Naturopathic Doctor will spend 1-2 hours gathering detailed health information, such as a history of each presenting problem, a thorough health review, and the daily routine and dietary habits. The doctor will then work side-by-side with the patient to establish reasonable and obtainable health goals, as well as develop a plan to achieve those objectives. The case taking is often considered much more in depth than what is experienced in a conventional medical setting. It is important to inform your Naturopathic Doctor of all supplements and medications you are currently taking, as this could play a role in your overall health picture and treatment plan. It is the doctor’s goal to provide an open and safe space for you to ask as many questions as you need, and to leave the office feeling informed and empowered about your health.

Naturopathic medicine can effectively treat, manage, and prevent almost any condition you would take to a conventional MD. However, RND’s will refer you to an emergency room or specialist for any serious concerns or life threatening conditions (i.e. acute asthma attack, potential heart attack or stroke, uncontrolled bleeding, etc). Naturopathic Doctors will also attempt to work with your other providers to create a patient care team that communicates and works together on your behalf.

Our Registered Naturopathic Doctors have graduated from an accredited program and are registered with the state of Colorado.

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