Psychotherapist - Whole Health Center at Lone Tree


Jill Hughes offers counseling and psychotherapy for the following individuals and issues in the greater Denver area:

  • Individuals, children, new mothers, couples, parents and survivors
  • Trauma, Post-traumatic Stress Disorder, EMDR
  • Marital and relational issues, premarital counseling, divorce, breakup and separation counseling
  • Support and psychotherapy for survivors of narcissistic and borderline family systems
  • Postpartum Depression and related mood disorders
  • Parenting and navigating blended families


Jill has served individuals, children, new mothers, couples & survivors in the greater Denver area for more than 16 years. A mother to three grown women, she now shares the nest with her husband, two cats and one beagle. Having navigated the waters of motherhood, divorce, blended family, and a long, strong second marriage, Jill brings personal experience and context to many issues her clients approach her to work with. Through a long and passionate study of counseling psychology, Jill has collected significant resources to be a source of comfort, clarity, and guidance to her clients.

Since 2000, Jill has run a cozy and successful home counseling practice. She is excited to announce that in 2017, she will begin seeing clients in an additional office located in the Whole Health Center in Lone Tree. Whole Health Center is a holistic medicine office where she will work alongside like-minded practitioners and have the opportunity to provide clients access to alternative healing modalities, which may compliment a personal commitment to psychological, relational, and physiological well-being. In addition to her home practice and Whole Health, she is also working weekly implementing a trauma technique (EMDR) at the addiction center at SkyRidge Hospital in Lone Tree, CO.


In 2000, Jill earned her MA in Counseling Psychology from Naropa University. Since 2007, she has specialized in Postpartum Depression and related mood disorders following studying with Karen Kleiman, LCSW, expert on PPD and author of many books, including "This Isn't What I Expected.". Jill is currently in a study program with Dr. Karyl McBride, Phd. that focuses on survivors of narcissism.

For more information, please see Jill’s website.

For a free consultation or an appointment, please call Jill directly at 720-218-3066.

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