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Dr. Casey is a Board Certified and Licensed Chiropractic Physician in the state of Colorado. She completed her Doctorate in Chicago at National University of Health Sciences, and her pre-professional studies at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater.

Dr. Casey’s passion for Chiropractic was ignited while she was working as the marketing co-ordinator in a chiropractic clinic. She transitioned into a Chiropractic Assistant, and was able to witness the immense impact the doctors had on their patients after just a few treatments. On a daily basis, patients would come in with intense symptoms, and leave feeling like a whole new person. This experience helped her realize she wanted to help people in a similar way. She promptly pursued her Chiropractic education.

Dr. Casey’s treatments focus on the whole person, and she will work tirelessly to figure out the root causes of her patient’s symptoms. She uses gentle manual adjusting techniques combined with a functional medicine approach to analyze the structural and chemical components that are often major contributors to patient’s symptoms. Dr. Casey is a member of the Institute for Functional Medicine, and has studied the techniques pioneered by Datis Kharrazian and Aviva Romm. Dr. Casey can help treat and manage a wide range of ailments, and will take on even the most complicated case.

In her free time, Casey enjoys spending time outside and staying fit. She loves to cook, and try new and adventurous recipes. Having moved from Chicago, she is LOVING the weather here in Denver, and is taking advantage of the active lifestyle and culture that make Colorado such a special place to call home.

If you are struggling to find relief from a variety of seemingly unrelated symptoms, or looking to live a more pain-free active life, make an appointment with Dr. Casey today!

Treatment Costs:

  • Consultation (15 mins) Complimentary
  • New Patient History (60-90 mins) $95
  • Exam/Report of findings (60-120 mins) $150
  • Follow-up Visit/treatment (30 mins) $70

Blood work:

  • Comprehensive lab workup and analysis $375
  • Food Allergy Testing/ Individual blood work Prices Vary depending on test
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