Doctor of Chiropractic - Whole Health Center at Lone Tree

Dr. Hadel is a Chiropractor with over forty years of clinical experience. He believes that "health and well-being are an achievement that one must deliberately seek."

His holistic approach to treatment is safe, gentle and effective. He loves and enjoys his work helping others. His advanced methods of spinal adjusting coupled with his understanding of Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine shall serve to make him an indispensible part of the healthcare team at Whole Health Center.

Awarded a DOCTOR OF CHIROPRACTIC from the Cleveland University of Health Sciences, he graduated with honors in 1979. He contributes articles relating to human biomechanical dysfunction research. He is a credentialed pedorthist, and manages spinal condition through the treatment of foot ankle and lower extremities conditions.

His hobbies include gardening, and stone sculpture.

He attends the Colorado School of Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine focusing on Chinese Herbal Medicine.

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