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Alex Grover is a board certified practitioner of integrative acupuncture and ancestral nutrition. He did his undergraduate work at New York University, and earned his Master’s of Oriental Medicine from Emperor’s College in Santa Monica, CA. Alex combines acupuncture, herbal medicine and nutrition to treat the emotional, mental and physical root causes while also providing immediate relief.

Alex’s clinical expertise combines Korean constitutional, five element and classical Neijing channel techniques to accurately diagnose and treat both pain and complex internal medicine illnesses. He specializes in digestive disorders, emotional balance, autoimmunity, pain management, and men’s health.

Alex has been studying and practicing alternative medicine for more than ten years. He has treated patients at the Disney Cancer Center in Burbank, CA in addition to Being Alive HIV/AIDS Clinic in West Hollywood, CA and in Beverly Hills, CA.

Alex teaches and participates in continuing education courses for current research on nutrition, herbalism, functional medicine and acupuncture specialties.

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