Our full-body, anti-aging face and body acupuncture treatments are based upon the wisdom of Cheese medicine and modern scientific research, offering:

  • Softened fine lines and diminished deep wrinkles
  • Enhanced facial muscle tone
  • A firmer neck and chin
  • A lifting of the eyelids and firmer skin around the eyes
  • Brighter eyes
  • Faster metabolism
  • Reduced stress, better health and improved overall wellbeing

Are you looking for a healthy, all-natural way to look and feel younger? Then the Mei Zen cosmetic Acupuncture system is for you! This facial rejuvenation acupuncture system is based upon Traditional Chinese Medicine theory, and not only helps you look amazing, but you will feel amazing too! Cosmetic acupuncture is a wonderful and truly effective alternative to plastic surgery, and dangerous injection therapy.

How Does Mei Zen Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture Work?

In a world where there are a million beauty products and procedures on the market, it can be confusing picking options to help you look and feel your best. While some solutions are more subtle than others, more people are leaning towards natural pick-me-ups rather than traditional Botox. Mei Zen facial rejuvenation acupuncture is an efficient way to use your own body's resources to look refreshed and younger!

Mei Zen is a special type of acupuncture protocol where around 85 needles are inserted into the face or neck in a specific pattern. The micro-traumas from the needles encourage the body to fill in fine lines with elastin and collagen. A smoother, more even tone is achieved because as blood circulates to the face, discoloration diminishes. Skin looks more supple, healthy, and glowing all due to the body's own collagen production. While Mei Zen will never look like Botox because nothing is injected under the skin's surface, noticeable results are achieved after the full series of treatments including fewer crow's feet, lines in the forehead, a more lifted jawline, and a smoother neck. Patient's often explain that people ask them what they have been doing differently with their skincare or if they just got back from vacation.

Mei Zen requires a set protocol, meaning 2 appointments per week must be made for 5 weeks totaling 10 treatments. This gives the skin time to heal and fill in the tissue with collagen. Patients can choose if they want face or neck done for a complete series. Once the 10 treatments are done, maintenance treatments are done about once a month ($145 per visit) to keep the results long lasting... 3-5 years! Patients can pay $170 as they go per session, or $1450 for a package of 10.

Wanting to look a little brighter, fresher, and more revitalized? Is a big event like a wedding or class reunion coming up? Call today to schedule a Mei Zen facial rejuvenation session with Dr. Maggie Spresser.

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