Very caring & knowledgable staff. Dr. Greg listens to you and your body. He is rapidly changing my opinion of the chiropractic industry for positive. Easy payment options and a convenient location.

Jack G.
Fort Collins, CO

I found out about Paul through a friend. I have a 3 month old baby boy, and have had issues with his health since he was born.

Roman (our son) had a hard time with formula, and I was told by doctors that he has severe reflux and gerd...which we could never get any relif through medicine and all sorts of testing. Finally I gave up and brought Roman into see Paul. He took one look at him and knew what was wrong. Formula is full of sugars and chemicals that are bad for babies. He suggested goats milk, and some bentonite before bed to help soak up the acid. After one bottle Roman slept 8 straight hours and has been perfect since we started seeing Paul a month ago. Roman also had thrush, which is yeast on his tongue from the formula, and that indicates something is wrong. That is cleared up! Roman also gets a little accupuncture and he does so well.

Paul has been our saving grace! Whole health is an amazibg place where you can get well! From now on, we will no longer see a pediatric doctor, we will see Paul at whole health!!!!!!!!

Blair R.
Littleton, CO

My 18-year old son, who is a Senior in high school and a Varsity football player, came down with Mononucleosis just as his football team was carrying their 8-1 record into the State playoff season. Paul and everyone at Whole Health Centers went out of their way to see that my son got daily acupuncture treatments, targeted herbs and lots of TLC in order to get him back in the game as quickly as possible. He made an AMAZING turnaround which baffled both Western Medicine doctors we also saw to monitor my son's spleen for swelling. Neither doctor could account for such an uncommonly rapid recovery. By the grace of God and through the kind care and accommodations we received at Whole Health Centers, my son was back in school in one week and back playing football in two weeks! Thank you Paul and Whole Health!

-J. P.

My husband and I both go here for acupuncture (Dr. Lin), and I also go to the Reiki healer, Ellen. Dr. Lin is amazing... She knows exactly what she is doing, and she explains everything to you. She is so knowledgeable - and I love learning about Chinese medicine from her. The room and table are so comfortable that I almost fall asleep every time.

Ellen, the Reiki healer, is unbelievable. There are few people who are as nice and caring as she is. You can just feel her warmth and good energy immediately, and all of her positivity and love stays with you for a long time after leaving the session. She has helped me more than I ever thought possible! I HIGHLY recommend both Dr. Lin and Ellen!!!

- Angie L.
Aurora, CO

I just recently received my first acupuncture treatment and what a wonderful experience it was. I have never been "pegged" with my health issues as I was in this first visit. I am on the road to feeling better already. Looking forward to my second visit. Everyone should try acupuncture because it works and Paul Murray is awesome!

- Leslie Y.
Parker, CO

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