If you are trying to conceive, Dr. Lin is amazing. I've been to four other acupuncturists, but Dr. Lin was my favorite. She specializes in women's issues and her training in Chinese medicine is a big plus. After one miscarriage, I got pregnant three months later, which is fast after a miscarriage. I am 41 years old and she gave me a plan to modify my diet and make changes in my life to reduce stress. I like how she gave lifestyle, diet and visualization tools for me to use outside of the acupuncture sessions. Trying to conceive is an emotional process and Dr. Lin was so caring in guiding me through this.

Christina V.
Littleton, CO

My name is Candace and I am 28 years old. When I was 19, I had 2 medical procedures in 2 days that left me allergic to iodine and shellfish. For 8 years I lived with this allergy having to be cautious of going to restaurants, potlucks, or being touched by other people for fear of having a reaction. At 27, I accidently ingested shellfish which caused my throat to completely close in less than 10 min. Since that episode my allergy had become as sensitive as a peanut allergy. If I smelt shellfish I would have a reaction. I had 10 reactions in the 14 months following the traumatic event. Each occurrence I had less time to get to a hospital and the reactions were stronger . At this point I lived in fear daily. I wouldn't eat at restaurants that had shellfish. I was afraid to touch any door handles or be around a group of people.

My boss referred me to Whole Health for acupuncture. She had mentioned there were able to assist people with my level of severity. I was very skeptical at first since other Doctors had told me there is no cure for my condition. Working with Paul and Kyla after 10 sessions I was shellfish allergy free! To test this new found freedom, I brought a friend with me and sat in the parking lot of an ER and ate shrimp. After 25 min of eating, I didn't have a single itch or reaction!! Now I can go places, eat at any restaurants and not have to live in fear every single day of my life! The acupuncture has given me a new life and freedom from something that has controlled everything I did for so long! There are no words to describe how truly grateful I am and the extreme relief I experience daily!

-C. R.

My husband and I were 33 when we started trying to build our family. Since we were relatively young and healthy I never imagined that we would have problems conceiving. However, after about 8 months of trying on our own without success, we visited the reproductive medicine group at our local university hospital. The first round of tests they ordered showed no problems so they prescribed clomid. No go, and it thinned my uterine lining terribly (~3.5mm), so we moved to letrozole for a few months. That didn't work either and I still had thin lining (~4.2mm). So we added in some injectibles to see if that would counter the thin lining. My follicles were responding wonderfully to the medications, but my lining was still thin (still around 4.5mm), so there was nowhere ideal for a fertilized egg to implant. Finally, I had a hysterosalpingogram (HSG) done to get a better look at my tubes and uterus.


Went and saw April a few weeks back for my very first accipiter cure treatment! Wow! They are all so nice and my back feels the best it has in years. I look forward to my future appointments to see how much better I can feel! If you have chronic back pain, or a sport injury I highly recommend the accupuncture.

Carey H.
Aurora, CO

Whole Health Center is the best place for acupuncture and for holistic health consultation! The spa like experience is comforting, and the staff friendly and very knowledgeable!

Sonya G.
Littleton, CO

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