While I was growing up I remember my mother being treated for high blood pressure. She never had success in getting it under control. At the same time, my father's brother was dealing with hypertension and died with continued readings over 300.

When I was in my early 20's, my inherited hypertension started to show its ugly head. It started as an elevated blood pressure. As time went by and I had doctor visits for various reasons, my blood pressure got higher. My primary physician gave me numerous kinds of prescription drugs. But because of my terror at having my blood pressure taken, we weren't sure if treatment helped. The nurses lectured me, "Your blood pressure is too high, you're going to have a stroke", blah, blah, blah. I'm interpreting them as saying, "Shame on you, bad girl. You've got high blood pressure." Every doctor visit I had the same reaction — nobody believed me when I said I have 'white coat syndrome'. I've had surgeries and under anesthesia my blood pressure has been as low as 117/72. Good ole' stress has done a job on me.

Dr. Lin has started me on Notoginseng. After a month or so of being on this, I had a doctor's appointment. My blood pressure was 146/80 — a miracle! I had him write it on a note so I could show everyone wanting to take my blood pressure — Foot doctor, Dentist, GYN. I used to ask if they were then going to treat my blood pressure or why did they need to take it since I knew I had a problem.

I'm doing better with my doctor, but still not so hot with others. Hoping that with continued use of — Dr. Lin calls it dirt — I'll eventually beat the fear of a blood pressure cuff!

Thank you Dr. Lin, you're the best!


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