I am a fourth year, competitive tennis player who has always been afflicted with tendinitis running deep into my forearm, elbow bone and numbness through my pinky finger. I've tried many different approaches/techniques to combat the impact of pain from playing year round. It also became apparent that other common daily life activities like driving and vacuuming also aggravated pain in my elbow/arm. It seemed no treatments or products ever lasted or kept this constant affliction fully away. The etiology of my tendonitis condition is not solely manifested from my tennis play but is how my body is built, structurally. In talking with other tennis players, it was recommended to try acupuncture with a provider equipped in treating 'tennis elbow,’ specifically.

I was connected with Ms. Georgia Carr through Whole Health in Lone Tree, CO. Georgia brought a constant, high level of knowledge and holistic care across all of our acupuncture sessions. After only several sessions, my results were far reaching as for the first time, I no longer had any numbness or tingling sensation running from my elbow to my pinky. Soon after this, my tenderness and pain was virtually gone. The results of acupuncture are transforming to the stress reduced, pain-free quality of my daily life on the courts and off.

In addition, Georgia was dynamic in providing insights to the reasons and ways my body was responding to my world. She also engaged me with nutritional approaches and herbal therapy in keeping my energy at a restored and steady balance. I am grateful for the direct care provided by Georgia and her practices within the healing traditions of Chinese Medicine.


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