2013 was not a good year for me medically. I ended up in the emergency room with pneumonia in May. I was given antibiotics, fluids, and told that would cure me. I thought it had until October when I started developing a high fever, chest pain and a weird little dry cough that would come and go. It was a three week cycle...high fever and chest pain in week one that would not go away, a more moderate fever in week two that would come and go, and then by week three I was weak, but doing okay. The doctor thought I had a touch of pneumonia, so more antibiotics. Just when I was starting to feel better, the fever returned and the cycle repeated.

I had my doctor baffled. Because the cycle described above just kept recurring, he first sent me to an allergist/immunologist. That revealed nothing that would explain the high fever. However, this doctor did some blood work to see if there was anything revealing in that.

A few days later I went back to my regular doctor for routine blood work as part of my annual exam. When he compared that blood work to the results from the allergist/immunologist, he noted my C-Reactive Protein went off the charts in a matter of 5 days. So, the next specialist was a hematologist. Ten vials of blood later, they didn't see anything way out of the norm. My CRP had decreased some, so it was trending in the right direction.

Right after seeing this doctor, the fever cycle began again for the third time. So now I'm referred to an infectious disease doctor. He had no idea what was going on, could only think that maybe I had some form of tick fever and tested me for HIV even though I regularly give blood and they automatically test for that.

Frustrated, I said "enough!" A lady at work asked if I had ever considered acupuncture. That sparked something in me! While I didn't have any experience with acupuncture, I knew others that did and they had positive results.

Enter Georgia Carr! I told her my long sordid health story, and after a few visits things were much better!

Skeptics told me that I was near the end of the fever cycle anyway, and that acupuncture didn't really do anything. However, in February 2014, I started feeling that familiar pain in my lungs again. No fever and no cough as yet, but a lot of pain. I again went back to Georgia. After the first treatment, I felt the pain move from my left lung to the top of my chest. After the next treatment, the pain moved to the right side, and after the 3rd treatment the pain was gone. I went to a fourth treatment to make sure it was all gone. I didn't develop the fever which had always accompanied the chest pain. Success!

Long story short, I credit acupuncture, and specifically Georgia Carr, with helping me heal my lungs. I learned so much from Georgia about this process, and I am so impressed by it that it is now the first thing I think of when I'm not feeling well.

- Teri S.

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