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Stefan Paulsson, CMT Jon recently moved from New Jersey to Colorado with his wife. Jon has had his own practice in New Jersey since 2013. He is a graduate of Rutgers University, of The Institute for Therapeutic Massage (Personal Training/Massage Therapy program and Eastern Bodywork/Shiatsu program), and of The Rolf Institute. You can find more info about Rolfing Sessions with Jon at

Jon’s style of Rolfing Structural Integration is not painful. He combines his knowledge from his many trainings in different modalities of massage to his own unique style. As a client of Jon’s, you can expect to be relaxed during your session while receiving the benefits of feeling your body open, expand, and elongate.

Completing a 10 series treatment is designed to change your posture, pain level, and movement patterns for the better. The 10 series treatment is designed for those individuals who are looking for the whole-body transformation. Jon will analyze your posture and tell you what he is noticing. He then will also discuss with you the plan for your session and the overall goal for the 10 series. Every client is different in what they need and how their body reacts. After a session, it is important to take your time and drink plenty of water. Jon’s style is not painful; however, it is deep and transformative.

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